To board Brio you must be at a designated Brio station. Brio vehicles will ONLY stop at designated Brio stations. Fixed-route buses will NOT stop at Brio stations.

Regular, fixed-route bus stops are located near each Brio station to allow passengers to transfer onto Brio or the fixed route.


using the ticket vending machine

Buy a one-way trip, a day pass, a weekly pass or a monthly pass from the ticket vending machine located at all permanent Brio stations.

  • Brio Ticket Vending Machines accept cash and credit/debit cards.
  • 1-ride fare is valid for a single trip on Brio and valid as a transfer to a fixed route.
  • 1-ride fares purchased through the Ticket Vending Machine must be surrendered to the fixed-route driver upon boarding.
  • Brio also accepts passes and transfers from connecting fixed-route buses. Transfer restrictions still apply.


Passengers boarding the Brio

Board the Brio bus at any of the three doors.

  • If you are boarding with a bicycle you must board through the back door.
  • If you are using a wheelchair you must enter through the front door.
  • Be prepared to present your ticket or pass and the proper ID if using a reduced fare


To prevent fare evasion, Brio Ambassadors will be monitoring and requesting proof of payment during your trips on Brio. Please be prepared to show your ticket or pass along with a valid ID if you are paying a reduced fare.

  • Failure to show proof of payment will result in a verbal warning and require you to pay the fare at the Brio ticket vending machines.
  • Sun Metro will implement a graduating fare evasion policy that could include a verbal warning, written warning or transit fines.


Passengers boarding the Brio

Use our free Wi-Fi on the bus, read a book, text with friends or just relax.

  • Let passengers exit first, before you board Brio.
  • Do not rush the doors; allow seniors and passengers with disabilities to board first.
  • Be a good citizen: Give up your seat to seniors and passengers with disabilities.
  • 1 STEP ONE: Select the type of fare you would like to purchase using the screen on the machine.
  • 2 STEP TWO: Insert cash, coins or use a debit/credit card.
  • 3 STEP THREE: Take your pass/change and prepare to board Brio.

REMEMBER: You must be prepared to show your fare and a valid ID—if using a reduced fare—to any Brio Ambassadors during your trips on Brio. Failure to show a valid pass may result in repercussions.

image of the ticket vending machine

Sun Metro loves our two-wheeled friends and we want to inform cyclists how to ride Brio with your bicycle:


Bicyclist boarding the Brio through the back door

Board with your bicycle through the back door.


Bicyclist loading bike onto rack inside a Brio bus

Hook your front tire onto the top of the bike rack.


Bicyclist securing the bottom wheel of bicycle into rack inside Brio

Place your rear tire in the slot and wrap the provided strap around the tire.


  • Bike racks are first-come, first-serve; so if the rack or the bus is full, please wait for the next bus.
  • You are responsible for securing and removing your bicycle.
  • Protect others from sharp edges on your bicycle.
  • Avoid blocking pedestrian traffic.